Welcome to The Pacific Cigar Company

It is over 20 years since I founded Pacific Cigars as the exclusive distributor of all Cuban cigars in Asia Pacific. Our objective remains the same; to bring all Cigar Aficionados the best Havana cigars and all the good things that comes with it.

As you browse through this site, you will find out more about our company, our people and facilities, our cigar stores and divans spread across the region, our brands, products and services, and of course the making of Havana Cigars and Cuba, the unique country where they are made!

Sir David Tang
Founder and Chairman


PCC Hong Kong was established in June 1992.It is the holding company for our various subsidiaries and our corporate head office. In Hong Kong we now have 13 outlets, 11 in Hong Kong Island and 2 in Kowloon. Of the 13 shops, 12 are cigar divans with lounges and other facilities while the other one is a cigar shop. All of them have one thing in common; they offer the widest selection of cigars in an elegant atmosphere and by knowledgeable staff.

Our wholesale team supply independent retailers and all hotels, restaurants and bars carrying Cuban cigars. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff.

Dag Holmboe
Chief Executive Officer

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The Pacific Cigar Company Limited (PCC) is the exclusive distributor for the Habanos Cigars Brands for Asia Pacific Region. The distribution was granted by Habanos Sociedad Anonima (Habanos S.A.) the only Cuban Enterprise authorized to export the well-known Havanas from Cuba in June 1992.

The merchandise range also includes our very own cigar accessories development under the SIGLO brand: humidors, cigar cutters, leather cases, etc. In certain markets we also distribute premium spirits and champagne.

The Pacific Cigar Company is the leading cigar retailer in Asia Pacific with 34 shops in the region, 2 shops in China, 2 shops in Canada and an additional 21 shops by our partners in Asia. So there would be a total of 59 retail stores across Asia Pacific and China.



la Isla Island

Cuba- La Isla Grande

Cuba, or the large island as it is sometimes called, is situated in the west of the Caribbean Sea, with nearest neighbors being Haiti, Cancun in Mexico and the Key West in Florida, only 150 kilometer from Cuba.

Cuba is long and narrow, 1,260 km in length (780 miles) and the width ranges from 193 km (120 miles) to just 32 km. No point in Cuba is more than 80 km from the sea, so the beach is never far away. Its 3,520 km (2,200 miles) of coastline includes hundreds of kilometers of beaches, many harbors and over a thousand small islands.

The weather in Cuba is tropical, cooled down by the wind from the sea. The average temperature in Havana is around 25℃, the wet (and hot) season is from May to October, and the dry season from November through April.

Cubas population is around 11.6 million people. Two-thirds of its inhabitants are of European descent, mainly Spanish, nearly one third are of African origin or mestizo, and about one percent are of Chinese roots. Havana does have its own small China Town!