The Pacific Cigar Company Limited(PCC) Authenticity Seal
Once the cigars arrive at our bonded warehouse, our staff will carry out a further control by spot-checking boxes from different master cases. In addition we will apply The Pacific Cigar Company Limited - Guaranteed Genuine seal. This seal can neither be peeled off in one piece nor can it be transferred to another box. All cigars supplied by PCC in Asia Pacific have this seal. If a box of Habanos cigars purchased in Asia Pacific does not have this seal, it has been imported through alternative channels and neither Habanos nor PCC can guarantee the authenticity of the cigars. In Japan and Malaysia we started putting such seals on the boxes in 2005.
Starting from 5 Feb 2024, you will see this new NFC seal on the cigar boxes supplied by PCC
Starting from 1 June 2018, you will see this new seal on the cigar boxes supplied by PCC.
This seal is on the cigar boxes since 2005 till May 2018.
Before 2005, PCC used another seal, and you can still find boxes with this seal in various outlets.

Starting from Feb 2024, there will be a new PCC Guarantee Seal that will gradually appear on boxes of cigars supplied by our company. The new seal has an embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, enabling to scan the data using a smartphone close to the seal.  By scanning, it will confirm the cigar name and details, packaging, factory and date code, barcode and where or whom the box was delivered. 

In our divisions outside Hong Kong, the first boxes with the new NFC seal will be available a bit later. For cigars supplied in plain packaging in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand there will be no PCC seal, as regulations do not allow this. 

Certain product packaging such as metal packaging and all mini cigarillos (including Short) will not have the new NFC seal but continue to carry the current seal. 

Our Guarantee Seal is recognized across Asia as the official seal for all Habanos products imported and sold by PCC. As in the past, there may be counterfeit seals, however the embedded data in the NFC Seal will ensure it cannot be duplicated. 

Should you have any questions, or want further details please contact one of our retail locations, email us at [email protected] or go to our website the

Authenticity Seals From Japan
Some of our sub-distributors will, in addition, put their own seal on their boxes;
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