SIGLO Accessory was developed by The Pacific Cigar Company Limited and launched in Hong Kong in 2003. It quickly gained popularity among cigar aficionados because of its simple design, contemporary colours, quality & craftsmanship and price.

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The SIGLO Humidor is a masterpiece by itself. And, each piece is unique and slight variations in colors are signs of craftsmanship and natural beauty of the products.
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Christian Develter series - JFK
Dimensions (mm): 411 x 313 x 193
Leopard humidor
Dimensions (mm): 380 x 320 x 145
200 Sticks Biometrico - Fingerprint humidor
Dimensions (mm): 410 x 315 x 180


Our cutters offer a sharp and clear cut for your cigars.
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CC Twin Blade Cutter
Dimensions (mm): 93 x 40 x 4
Switch Blades Cutter
Dimensions (mm): 42 x 67
L & R scissors
Dimensions (mm): 65 x 158


It's time to light up your cigar with one of our stylish lighters.
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Mega Streamliner Lighter
Dimensions (mm): 82 x 24 x 74
Twin-Flame Tattoo Lighter - HK Skyline
Dimensions (mm): 37 x 11 x 63


A great selection of ashtrays for you to choose from.
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Year of The Dog Ashtray
Dimensions (mm): 175 x 275
Maze Ashtray
Dimensions (mm): 180 (diameter) x 50
Year of the Rat ashtray
Dimensions (mm): 175 x 275


Keep your cigars safe while you're on the move with one of our cases.
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Gris Stone cigar case
Made with the famous Hermes Barenia, this SIGLO Gris Stone cigar case gives you the best quality at an affordable price.
Alligator Cigar Case
Crafted from the finest alligator skin, these SIGLO alligator cigar cases are just too beautiful to resist.
Leather Cigar Case - Dog
Regardless if you are from the Year of the Dog, a Boston Terrier lover, or a Pop Art lover, this cigar case and the matching ashtray and humidor will be the perfect addition to your home or office .

Cool Stuffs

We offer some cool gadgets for some non-cigar aficionados too.
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Cigar Tee
Made of aluminum with laser engraved patterns, the SIGLO Tee is light and handy. Its slippery- proof cradle can hold your cigars while you score for a birdie.
Glasses Case
Made of soft calf leather and printed with contemporary graphics, these SIGLO glasses' cases are perfect to carry your reading glasses or sunglasses.
SIGLO Mahjong No. 1
This is the first SLB (Slide Lid Box) SIGLO Mahjong No. 1 set ever created. But NOT made in Havana, Cuba. This is the perfect companion for cigar and mahjong aficionados.
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